Training in sustainable tourism

Training in sustainable tourism : Trained guides can raise awareness
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Formation de 7 guides
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Julien Leroy
NGO Guera Touristique.

The NGO Guéra Touristique, legally created in 2016 through its president Hassane Abdoulaye Moussa, has a double objective. First, it is to develop solidarity tourism and eco-tourism in the province of Guéra, Batha, Salamat and Ennedi. Secondly, it is to provide assistance to the development of the population through the establishment of micro-project

Why launches this project ? 

Through this project, we aim to train our guides in Chad so that they can promote and make our beloved country better known while respecting the values of sustainable tourism. The training, which will last 3 weeks, will cover the entertainment of tourists, the protection of the environment and biodiversity as well as the geography and history of Chad. This training will allow us to professionalize our guides on the field while equipping them to work in the best possible conditions.

How does your project fit in with sustainable tourism ?

Travelers will then be able to enjoy the richness of our region and the renowned hospitality of our well-trained guides. The project brings employment and new knowledge to our local guides. The training being centered on sustainable tourism, our guides will be educated on these issues and will be able to educate tourists.

What difference will your project make ? 

Our project highlights human beings and sustainable tourism.

Where does your project take place ?

In Chad in the Guéra province

Challenges of sustainable tourism in Tchad

Chad is a less known tourist destination. Sustainable tourism is a concept that we intend to promote in our destination, however we are not trained and equipped for this. The goal of our NGO Guéra Touristique is to promote sustainable tourism which is a guarantee of development in a country like Chad.

Motivation to launch this project ? 

We are motivated by the professionalization of our work and our guides. 

Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 

Gender equality (goal 5)

Decent work and economic growth (Goal 8) 

Sustainable cities and communities (Goal 11)

Measures to combat global warming (Goal 13)

Life on Earth (Goal 15)

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