Permaculture : Promoting responsible local production
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Gael Soupe & Moris-Otreman

" I am a multimedia designer, artist, landscaper, cook, farmer and permaculture breeder, beekeeper and self-defense instructor." Gaël.

Moris Otreman is a promoter of sustainable tourism in Mauritius.
Promoting responsible local production

Why launches this project ? 

My project was launched 7 years ago now and aims at the development of a permaculture farm as autonomous as possible and therefore aims at food independence. This is a pilot farm whose goal is the feasibility and reproducibility of such structures in Mauritius, an island with resources likely to be modified by climate change, but which still favors importation to the detriment of local production and where the use of pesticides remains enormous, with all the health risks it generates, for the planter, but also for the consumer.

Therefore, sustainable agricultural production, very energy-efficient, respectful of living beings and their interactions. In my opinion, Mauritius' food autonomy is a must at the individual, societal and national levels. I am a committed actor, also in the transmission of my knowledge and my experiences to the Mauritian youth, I intervene in schools.

The acquisition of a plant shredder will allow me to continue its development. I am also currently working in the production of cheese.

How does this project fit in with sustainable tourism ?

In this respect, my project meets many criteria of sustainable development, as defined by the UN: Good health, Education, Responsible consumption and production, Fight against climate change, Life on land. As consumers, actors and potential travelers to our island, you can support this project and more broadly the development of the local economy through your consumption on site and your visits. The farm is a place open on prior booking to discover local, fresh and organic products and aims to demonstrate in a very concrete way that alternative, organic cultivation methods are possible and bring results even in tropical environments. My project has the support of Moris Otreman, in the person of Eric Maquenhen, promoter of sustainable tourism and Flockeo partner in Mauritius.

What difference will this project make ? 

The acquisition of a plant shredder will allow me to continue in my ecological virtuous circle approach, because the pruning, weeding and cleaning of the garden generate quantities of "waste". While much of this waste is easily usable as it is or can be found in the compost heap, others, such as tree branches and shrubs, are sometimes difficult to manage. Using a plant shredder turns this waste into invaluable material. This is one of the objectives of permaculture here, where everything that is in the garden returns to the garden, to enrich the soil, protect it and nourish it. Shredding has many advantages: it considerably reduces the volume of waste, up to 10% of the initial volume! Burning garbage is also bad for the environment and inconvenient for downwind neighbors! Shredded plants, especially tree and shrub branches, provide very high value material. Fragmented wood can be incorporated into compost or used as a mulch with multiple virtues: improvement of the soil structure (humus) and neutralization of the pH, protection against the phenomenon of beating (hardening of the upper layer due to rains, often tropical in Mauritius), maintenance of humidity and therefore water savings, reduction of weeds and consequently less weeding work, supply of natural nutrients which limit the use of synthetic fertilizers, sanitary action (reduction of diseases and parasites).

Where does this project take place ?

In the village of Deux-Bras, southern Mauritius.

Challenges of sustainable tourism in Mauritius

Mauritius is currently at a turning point in its history, in particular that of its development model, and therefore of its tourism, historically focused - and with some success until recent years - on the triptych "beach, lagoon and coconut palms" in a rather luxurious setting. If it was necessary to specify it, the current pandemic, but also all the planetary deregulations, force all the actors of the Mauritian tourism to take into account the change of paradigm and to review their model and their product. There is a country behind the beach and the much needed and undeniable contribution of tourism to our "little lost island" in the Indian Ocean should benefit everyone. It is an economic, social, environmental and societal issue.

It is important that the tourist can participate in the economy of the inhabitant and that he is in contact with the real local life, we have enough luxury hotels which are never full and which destroy the natural heritage of our coasts, which, moreover, privatize the beaches. It is time to develop the land and promote quality local products and to promote the concept of "meeting the inhabitant" and supporting initiatives that are going in the right direction.

Motivatations to launch this project?

Respect of Life!

Sustainable Devlopment Goals (SDG)

Decent work and economic growth (Goal 8)

Sustainable cities and communities (Goal 11)

Responsible consumption and production (Goal 12)

Aquatic Life (Goal 14)

Life on Earth (Goal 15)

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