Gender equality

Gender equality : Help us keep women's jobs
85 € / 3600 €
to allow us to keep these jobs for 3 months
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We are a local travel agency run by French people living in Sri Lanka. Our goal is to make you discover the pearl of the Indian Ocean by improving the living conditions of the population and animals, by reducing pollution as much as possible.

Why launches this project ?

Since the start of the pandemic, people and societies have received no help from the government. Gradually, the reserves were exhausted in February, the team went from working full time job part-time. As director of the agency, I have advanced the rent and salaries for the whole team for over a year, but in a few months this will no longer be possible. Without outside help, we're going to have to lay people off.

How does this project fit into sustainable tourism ?

At Olalalanka, one of our goals is to help and promote women. We even have within our team a female driver, unique in Sri Lanka! In the office, the team is made up entirely of women: Naduni (a mother of  2-year-old child, her husband lost his job, brother and sister-in-law students, must provide for the needs of her family, her in-laws (both parents-in-law are disabled) and grandparents), Nimesha (single, unemployed mother, father with precarious employment, must provide for his family), and Chamila (husband with precarious employment and far from home, one child and dependent parents). Losing their jobs would be catastrophic for all of these families.

What difference will this project make? What will he bring ?

This project will allow us on the one hand to keep these three employees, and on the other hand to allow them to improve themselves socially and to change mentalities: indeed, in Sri Lanka, traditionally women stay at home to raise the children. children and cook. Giving them a decent job, a salary equal to or higher than that of a man and giving them responsibilities will help to change mentalities little by little.

Where is this project taking place ?

Sri Lanka. 

The challenges of sustainable tourism in Sri Lanka :

Sustainable tourism in Sri Lanka is not the people's priority, their priority is to feed themselves and to provide for their families by any means. Little by little, Olalalanka wants to improve this situation by providing sustainable, ecological solutions, while helping the local and female population.

Motivation to launch this project :

Despite their permanent smile, a dismissal would be a disaster not only for Nimesha, Naduni and Chamila, but also for all their dependents! With the rewards that we offer you, your donation costs you almost nothing, take advantage of it, help them.

Sustainable Development Goals : 

Gender equality (Goal 5) 

Decent work and economic growth (Goal 8)

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> €25

You will receive by mail a paper postcard made of elephant dung

> €50

You will receive the elephant dung postcard + a participation voucher for a FlockEO boost ( Sri Lankan cooking class , cosmetics workshop, and more to come

> €250

We offer you a voucher of 30% of the donation on a future trip that we will organize for you and on your arrival on site, we will offer you our complete KitEtiK made mostly by communities of women in distress !. This non-refundable voucher is valid for 2 years from the date of issue on any tailor-made stay offered by Olalalanka (Pvt) Ltd.