Aamcho Laadi

Aamcho  Laadi : Renovating a guesthouse for a tribal family
850 € / 850 €
Installations électriques dans les maisons
4 € / 1000 €
Achat et installation de ventilateurs
0 € / 2000 €
Achat et installation d'un bio-digester (Toilettes biologiques)
Presented by
BB Voyage

Vero :
Directrice de BB Voyage - IndeXperience / Bretonne au coeur de l'Inde
Dénicheuse Creatrice d'Experiences
Citoyenne du Monde

Raghu :
Directeur de BB Voyage - IndeXperience
Il se veut votre architecte de voyage
Des voyages tous plus originaux les uns que les autres, il conçoit.
Se plonger dans les chaussures des voyageurs : son impératif.
Ses voyages se veulent poétiques, dire que le client est le roi n’est pas une expression usurpée !

Rajneesh :
Propriétaire de Aamcho Ladi et de “Soil of Tribal Origine”
Du commerce de pièces détachées automobile à Dubai, Guide-accompagnateur Licencié Chhattisgarh
Son objectif est le développement d’un Tourisme Responsable et Durable pour sa région Bastar

Urmila :
Femme au Foyer, issue de la communauté tribale, propriétaire des terres du Projet
3 enfants - 10, 6 ans et 9 mois


Why Launch this project ? 

Experienced after Siyana and Raola Khera creations, we wish to support  a tribal family in the development and finalization of their home-stay project in a region of India undergoing a significant tourism development. 


How does your project fit in with sustainable tourism?

Our project is part of sustainable tourism through the preservation of the habits and customs of the tribal communities of the region but also through the meeting of travelers with locals to exchange and educate on the different ways of life of this population.  


What difference will your project make ? What will it bring ?

Aamcho laadi, is located in the Chhattisgarh region in the heart of India. Very little known by tourists, many tribal communities still live there. With this in mind, we want to support these families to develop an economic activity linked to tourism and thereby preserve and share their habits and customs. 


Where is located your project ?

Central India, in the Chhattisgarh Region, in the Bastar district, near Kanger National Park on Tribal Lands


Tell us about the challenges of sustainable tourism in your destination

India is facing a real challenge in terms of Sustainable Tourism. In effect, many destinations have been ruined by local tourists, who are not very respectful of environmental issues.

 Since local tourists have money, the respect of local populations is not taken into account, they think "I come, I pay, therefore I demand".

Many tourists have materialistic expectations (TV, air conditioning, swimming pool). 

For the past 20 years that we have been involved in this sustainable approach through BB Voyage, we have seen the arrival of investors here and there, with little respect for the local populations and environmental issues.

We hope to be able to mobilize local authorities in this region (we already have support) on the necessity of a virtuous tourism. The region of Chhattisgarh has recently been nominated as a promising tourist destination at the Kolkatta Travel & Tourism Fair.


What motivates you to launch this project ?

We are in a wait-and-see situation in view of the reopening of the borders, we have sold our Guest House-Headquarters. We wish to bring a support to the Families wishing to launch out in Guest Houses and in sustainable Tourism. With our expertise and our network, we decided to accompany them in their project.

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