FlockEO Funding is part of MURMURATION, a company that provides monitoring, promotion, enhancement and transformation services to sustainable tourism stakeholders around the world. Monitoring is done through environmental studies based on satellite earth observation data and tourism data. Promotion and enhancement is done through and its services. The projects we propose here support tourism stakeholders’ efforts in their transformation to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Our partners are tourism actors, listed on our platform, who are already committed to sustainable tourism and who wish to extend their actions and continue to transform the sector towards responsible travel, respectful of the environment and local populations.

Participatory financing, also known as crowdfunding, is a financing technique that allows a project owner to find support among his or her acquaintances and people interested in the project. He presents his project on a platform, and defines a campaign duration and a collection amount. The contributors make a payment on the platform and if the collection amount is reached within the defined period, the project owner collects all the donations. Each contributor can benefit from a counterpart (thanks, meeting with the project leader, product marketed by the project leader, etc.).

Simply create an account and submit a project for consideration.

Yes, registration is completely free.

Any request for information, inquiry or complaint relating to the operation of the site will be dealt with as soon as possible and should be addressed to

▪ by post to the address: MURMURATION , 15 rue Victor Hugo 31150 BRUGUIERES, FRANCE

▪ by e-mail:

Contributing to a project

Once you are on a project page, simply click on the "Fund this project" button.

You can then make your payment by credit card (secure payment) or by cheque if the project owner accepts them.

The payment will be immediately transmitted to the Foundation / Endowment Fund. If you wish to cancel your contribution, you must contact the site administrators (see "How to contact us").

If the project owner is subject to VAT, yes. There are no specific rules related to participatory finance, the rules of common law apply.

Depending on your country’s tax laws, for example in France: If the beneficiary of your contribution is a public interest organisation and if the latter issues a tax receipt for the donation, you can deduct 66% of the amount of your contribution from your taxable income (for individuals).

The platform provides you with a summary at step 4 of your donation (just before the payment is made) containing a set of information:

- who is the registered donor
- who is the beneficiary of the donation (name, address, company or association identifier if applicable)
- amount of the donation and type of payment
- consideration offered to the donor, if any
- legal information about the platforme

All this information is also available once the donation has been made, in your donor space on the platform. It can be downloaded in PDF format.

Once your contribution has been made, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. .

You can also check your contributions in your personal space by clicking on "List of my contributions".

Yes, when you make your payment, you can choose not to make the amount of your support public.

Payment by credit card is the payment method available on the site.

LAll the banking data associated with your transactions is secured via a chain of trust authorised and certified by the regulatory authorities. The payment solution used is that of our payment service provider STRIPE Inc.
Neither the platform manager nor the project owner has access to your bank details. Transactions are managed exclusively by STRIPE INC.

You can cancel a contribution at any time up until the end of the project's campaign.

AAt the end of the campaign and provided that the project has reached at least the first level, your contribution is paid to the project owner and you can no longer cancel or modify it.

To modify or cancel a contribution, go to your personal space, in the "List of my contributions" section. To modify a contribution, you must cancel the previous one. To cancel a contribution, simply contact us (see "How to contact us").

The project owner only has access to your first and last names, your email address, your postal address and the amount of your contribution. This information is essential to send your counterparts.

Your banking information remains encrypted with our payment provider and are not accessible to any entity.

Yes, additional information may be requested, particularly in the context of the fight against money laundering, depending on certain thresholds relating to the amounts of your payments. Depending on your status (association, individual, company), we may ask you to provide a copy of your identity card, proof of address less than three months old, a copy of your articles of association or any other document necessary to validate your identity or that of your organisation.

Yes, on the project page, click on the "comment" tab. Once you are registered on the platform, you can leave a comment for the project owner. He or she can then leave a comment and you will automatically be informed by e-mail.

It is possible that the project owner will not be able to complete the project despite the funds raised. Consequently, there is a risk that they will not be able to deliver your contribution. If this happens, you can contact them via their project page to ask for an explanation.

A campaign on the site can be divided into stages.

A project owner who has several elements to finance can segment his campaign into several stages. In this case, at the end of the collection, the project owner will only collect his funds if at least the first level is reached. If not, each donation will be returned to the donor.

Let's take an example: a project owner needs €3,000 which he wants to divide into 3 stages of €1,000 each. If he collects €400, he gets nothing, if he collects €1,200, he will get €1,200

SIf the project owner decides to do so, the campaign will continue and may exceed its original target.

In the case of tiered funding, there are two possibilities:

- Either the project has exceeded at least one milestone (or the overall target if it has not defined a milestone), it is then considered a success. All donations will be paid to the project owner at the end of the campaign.

- SOr the project does not reach the first level (or the global objective if it has not defined a level) and in this case, the project owner does not receive any money, each contributor is automatically reimbursed as soon as possible on his bank account by crediting the amount of the donation initially made if he paid by credit card (or his cheque is returned to him if he made a donation by cheque)

The project owner is entirely responsible for the successful completion of his or her project. Although the platform strives to put serious and realistic projects online, it is important to understand that each project carries a risk of not being successfully implemented.

The project leader is entirely responsible for the correct sending of your counterparts. We therefore invite you to contact him/her via his/her project page.

We make sure that there is no potential conflict of interest regarding projects seeking funding, involving a manager, employee or someone close to them. A manager or employee of the site is allowed to contribute in his or her own name to the funding of a project.

Launch a campaign

LProjects must concern an activity related to sustainable tourism.

Projects must meet at least 1 of the following criteria based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):
- Goal 5: gender equality
- Goal 6: Clean water and sanitation
- Goal 7: Clean and affordable energy
-- Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth
- Goal 11: Sustainable cities and communities
- Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production
- Goal 13: Measures to combat global warming
- Goal 14: Aquatic life
- Goal 15: Land life

The project leader must be a flockEO partner (contact us for conditions)

The project must have a positive impact on tourism.

A monitoring committee meets every week, with the president, the managing director of MURMURATION and the FlockEO Funding project manager.

In addition to monitoring ongoing projects, the agenda of this committee includes the review and evaluation of new projects. If the project meets all the criteria it is approved for further processing, otherwise further information is requested from the project leader.

If the project you have submitted via the platform is selected, you will need to complete your presentation for publication.

- Putting images and videos is strongly advised! The interest of video is to create virality on social networks. It is considered that a project with a video is 5 to 10 times more likely to succeed than one without.

- Establish fundraising levels! From X € obtained, I will be able to carry out this project. From X € onwards, I can carry out such and such an additional element, to benefit x additional people...

- Function of the collection modalities: To obtain the funds, the first collection level must be reached, otherwise the sums collected will be returned to the donors

- Also, think of rewards to motivate contributors! In exchange for donations, send them thanks, a photo, a meeting, a tax receipt! Be creative! You need a variety of rewards to meet the different levels of contributions, always in line with your project!

A project owner who has several elements to finance can segment his campaign into several stages. In this case, at the end of the campaign, the project owner only collects the funds if at least the first stage is reached. If not, each donation will be returned to the donor. Let's take an example: a project owner needs €3,000 which he wants to divide into 3 stages of €1,000 each. If he collects €400, he gets nothing, if he collects €1,200, he gets €1,200.

If you have not set up any funding stages, the funds will only be passed on to you if you have reached your funding target. Otherwise, the money collected will be returned to the donors.

No financial compensation is possible (reimbursement with or without interest, equity investment, etc.). Only rewards related to your project are allowed:

- Symbolic compensation (thanks, meetings with the project leader, etc.);

- Product or service counterparts (goodies, pre-purchase of the product or service linked to your project).

If your organisation is authorised to issue tax receipts, the regulations require you to respect two specific points:

-the consideration must not have a monetary value exceeding 25% of the amount of the donation;

- and in no case may the counterparty exceed a value of 65 €.

As part of the fight against money laundering, depending on your status (association, individual, company), you will be asked to provide proof of identity, proof of residence, articles of association, etc.

Furthermore, if you are a non-profit organisation and you wish to issue tax receipts to your donors, additional documents may be requested.

The support provided for the launch of a campaign includes

- Help in defining the project
- Communication of the campaign on our social networks
- A support document explaining how to communicate on a campaign
- Communication templates

If the promoter would like additional help, he/she can contact us to define together his/her needs and the support we can provide.

The average duration of a collection is 45 days. The length of time depends on the amount to be raised and the activities you want to put in place throughout your fundraising campaign; ask our team for advice.

You can modify the description of your project as well as the rewards. However, the duration, amount and purpose of your collection cannot be modified.

It is possible. You have to make a request to the platform. However, you must be transparent about the reasons for the cancellation to your community. In this case, each donor is reimbursed for his or her donation and will receive information by e-mail.

In the case of the success of your collection (at least, the first level of financing is reached), the collected funds are sent to you, after deduction of the commission of FlockEO Funding and the one corresponding to the banking expenses, by transfer on your bank account within 8 working days for their cashing, provided that you have previously provided all your identification documents to the platform

If the project does not reach the first defined funding level (or the global objective if it has not defined a level), each contributor will automatically be reimbursed the full amount of the donation made.

During the fundraising process, the platform provides you with your contributors' emails so that you can inform them about your project or future projects.

A contributor has the possibility to cancel a donation, as long as the campaign is not finished. In order to do so, he/she must make a request directly to our teams.

When you launch a crowdfunding campaign, you have no guarantee that it will succeed.

This means that there is no guarantee that you will get all the funds you are asking for. However, a crowdfunding campaign requires a high level of involvement from the project owner in terms of preparation and campaign management. As a project leader, you may have to incur expenses to implement your campaign.

You are therefore exposed to the risk that your campaign will generate costs and preparation work that may not result in any funds being raised.

If you represent a company that is subject to VAT, you will have to pay back the collected VAT.

In the case of successful fundraising, for bank card donations, the commission due by the project holders is calculated as a percentage of the final sum effectively collected. It amounts to 7,5% including tax and bank transaction costs.

A project that has not reached its first level will not incur any commission and therefore no costs for the project owner.

The payment methods available to contributors are credit card.

The tax authorities authorise associations to declare themselves to be of "general interest" without having a rescript, provided that they meet all the regulatory criteria of general interest.

But beware, in the event of fraud or poor compliance with the criteria, Article 1740 A of the French General Tax Code provides for a fine of 25% of the amounts that gave rise to a tax deduction. In the event of a tax audit, be aware that the directors are jointly and severally liable for payment of the fine.

There are two possible scenarios.

Either the compensation is symbolic (thanks, meeting with the project leader, etc.) and it is a donation. Or the value of the consideration is related to the contribution, it is a sale.

My account

Personal information can be modified via the personal space. Moreover, within the framework of the CNIL right of rectification, you can request the rectification of inaccurate or incomplete information concerning you.

Go to the "Registration / connection" page of the site and click on "Forgot your password?

You just have to make a request by e-mail or via the contact form on the site (see "How to contact us?"