About us

Environmental consultancy, global platform for sustainable tourism, podcasts, online workshops, blog, for the past 2 years Murmuration likes to undertake challenges for a more sustainable tourism.

The term "Murmuration" (Flock in english) describes the phenomenon by which starlings spontaneously gather in the air to face a predator. Our approach is similar and brings together solutions that have a positive impact on tourism.

Nowadays, its two founders Cathy and Tarek, along with their dreamteam, are setting out on a new adventure: that of Crowdfunding !

The aim To go further in our approach regarding sustainable tourism and offer concrete solutions with reliable partners to respect the environment, the populations and the local economy of the destinations.

Your mission ? (if you accept it) To help us finance projects developed by tourism actors who are part of this sustainable approach and to be part of the sustainable movement. In the same way that you can compensate for your carbon emissions when you travel, you can now contribute to local projects that are in line with the sustainable development goals defined by the United Nations.

What are the Sustainable Development Goals?

They provide a road map to a better and more sustainable future for all, there are 17 of them and we have chosen the 9 most relevant to tourism.

  • Gender equality (goal 5)
  • Clean water and sanitation (goal 6)
  • Clean and affordable energy (Goal 7)
  • Decent work and economic growth (Goal 8)
  • Sustainable cities and communities (Goal 11)
  • Responsible consumption and production (Goal 12)
  • Measures to combat global warming (Goal 13)
  • Aquatic life (Goal 14)
  • Land life (Goal 15)

So if you share our values, have a desire to Act, Support and Transform, join the bird movement, Murmuration!

The team

Equipe Flockeo