Crowdfunding for sustainable tourism projects

Nos engagements

Our commitments

  • Take action for your sustainable travels by promoting positive impact initiatives.
  • Supporting, actors invested in tomorrow's causes
  • Transform, a key sector at a turning point in its history

Tomorrow's positive tourism, by your side, thanks to projects that respect the 3 pillars of sustainable development (social, economic and environmental) and are in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the UN for sustainable tourism.

Nos engagements

The projects

Contribute to world-oriented projects led by passionate and committed people who need support in their endeavours. To bring out vibrant ideas that have real added value for concrete sustainable action.

Nos engagements

Your mission

  • (If you accept it !) Contribute to the development of positive tourism actions in the world at your own level.
  • Give strength to our partners to go further in their approach and discover the exclusive counterparts that they have in reserve for you on their destinations.

Everyone can contribute in their own way to transform the world of travel.

A word from the project leaders

Eric Maquenhen

Eric Maquenhen

« The FlockeoFunding platform is a natural extension of the values of FlockEO, which are shared by all its partners and by you, the travellers of the world to be (re)built. Going to meet others and supporting their projects remain inseparable. »

Eric Maquenhen

Emmanuel Hugot

« Putting the local population and women at the heart of our stays, while respecting nature and animals, is the spirit of Olalalanka. »

Eric Maquenhen

Justine Frederic

« I want to help tourism actors to take the path of sustainable tourism while taking into account animal welfare. To do this, I chose FlockEOFunding because it is a committed platform that wants to make sustainable tourism accessible around the world by supporting project holders! »

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